Lenovo New Glass C200 Announced At CES 2017 As An AR And AI Option For Business

Lenovo New Glass C200
Lenovo New Glass C200 Lenovo New Glass C200

Las Vegas -- Google Glass fizzled out in 2015, but that’s not stopping Lenovo from taking a stab at its own iteration. The Chinese manufacturer announced the Lenovo New Glass C200, Tuesday as an augmented reality option for commercial customers.

The smartglasses run a Linux-based operating system and feature augmented reality and artificial intelligence software, to help business users execute over 20 kinds of objects.

The AR software, called Lenovo NBD Titan, allows users to build and edit content through the smart glasses or on a handset. The AI software, called Lenovo NBD Martin recognizes the type of product being executed, such as building schematics and gives insight on how to tackle the project in the most efficient manner.

The smart glasses must be connected to a handset for LTE connectivity and users operate the device through an application called New Glass.

The Lenovo New Glass C200 will begin mass production in June 2017; however, commercial and business users can purchase customized models.


Lenovo New Glass C200
Lenovo New Glass C200 Photo: Lenovo New Glass C200
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