Synaptics At CES 2017: Biometrics Leader Announces Fingerprint And Facial Recognition Engine

Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine Synaptics

Las Vegas -- Synaptics’ latest biometric technology will cross reference several points of authentication to ensure the user attempting to access a device or application is the correct person. The manufacturer’s Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine will pair its Natural ID fingerprint sensors with camera-based facial recognition sensors from KeyLemon to give users several biometric options on one device.

Users can select authentication options based on their current situation. With no hindrances, users can select fingerprint or facial recognition based on preference. Or if a user is unable to authenticate with their fingerprint due to wearing gloves in the cold weather, for example, they can opt for facial authentication.

Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine Photo: Synaptics

Users can also set up fingerprint and facial recognition to work in tandem. This technology is a breakthrough considering most devices with a biometrics feature use only one, typically fingerprint authentication.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 in August 2016, featuring both and iris scanner and fingerprint sensor. Users were able to set up both authentication methods, but could use only one at a time. Samsung suggested the features could be for different purposes, such as fingerprint scanning for unlocking devices and iris scanning for authenticating apps and payments.

The Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine also uses Synaptics’ anti spoofing technologies, which can differentiate between real and fake fingerprint, and also examine facial movements for inconsistencies.

While the first iteration of the Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine will focus on fingerprint and facial recognition, future versions will  incorporate “additional biometric and security factors,” Anthony Gioeli, Synaptics Biometrics Product Division head of marketing, said in a statement

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