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F1 23 F1 World
Are you ready to enjoy a new feature? EA Sports

One of the new features in the upcoming EA Sports F1 23 game is F1 World. This is a new way for players to enjoy the game and serves as a central hub for many game modes. It's pretty much the go-to place for everything F1.

F1 World features solo and multiplayer experiences along with a shared progression system. There is also daily, weekly, and seasonal content available. Players can expect an overhauled License Level system as well, plus many different ways to play.

For newcomers, this is the perfect place to start and be introduced to the complex world of Formula 1. It also gives them a better grip of the game before starting their bid for the World Championship. Returning players, meanwhile, will rediscover all game areas they loved but presented in a fresh look and feel, including Multiplayer, Grand Prix, and Time Trail. Not only is it going to feel more rewarding when playing these modes but returning players can also challenge themselves to take on difficult objectives for greater benefits.

As players progress through F1 World by taking on events and challenges, which change over time and even align with the season, they can increase their Tech Level and earn upgrades. These same upgrades can be used to equip their F1 World car. As the Tech Level increases, so does the performance of their car, which in turn, opens up more difficult events for them to master.

Here's a quick rundown of F1 World:

  • Series
    • Designed to offer a range of competitive events taking players on a single-player global tour of Formula 1.
  • Solo and Multiplayer Events
    • Comes with an ever-changing list of daily, weekly, and seasonal events and objectives, offering a taste of both single-player and multiplayer racing.
  • F1 World Car
    • This is the vehicle players use across F1 World, but supports equippable upgrades to instantly tweak performance.
  • License Level
    • Encourages players to race cleanly with a new safety rating system. The number of penalties they receive and how well they play by the rules impact their License Level.
  • Ranked Overhaul
    • It's all about equal performance vehicles so pure driving ability takes center stage.

F1 23 is launching June 16 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is also offered through the EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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