F1 23 Races to PC, Next-Gen Consoles June 16

F1 23 Coming Soon
Be ready to be excited when this new title drops this June. EA Sports

EA Sports F1 23 is all set to race its way to different platforms on June 16. It's the official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is also offered through the EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

The main highlight of this upcoming title is the return of the epic story mode known as Braking Point. There will be a bold new chapter which follows the careers of young upstart Aiden Jackson, and protagonist, Devon Butler. The two are now teammates for Konnersport Racing Team, a fledgling organization hoping to succeed against current real-world F1 teams and drivers. Players can look forward to a host of new characters, fresh rivalries, and even racing challenges. As they take their careers to the next level, they'll need to watch out for twists, turns, and pitfalls along the way.

In a statement, Codemasters Senior Creative Director Lee Mather revealed that the return of Braking Point lets players be immersed in a racing story which gives a unique look at F1. He added that their close relationship with the teams let them refine the handling model, add greater realism to pad-play, and implement a new color encoding system used in film and TV.

Aside from Braking Point, there are also many new things to expect from this upcoming title. The handling is upgraded to allow for more predictable behavior. The new vehicle physics gives cars better traction when braking, accelerating, and cornering.

By incorporating actual F1 team feedback, a greater balance between aerodynamics and tire grip provides that realistic feel. Improvements to the engine torque and inertia not only mean more genuine throttle control, but also a greater level of connection to the car. Then, there's the Precision Drive controller technology which allows pad players greater control and confidence in those crucial race moments.

Another new feature is the F1 World hub that offers a fresh experience and content inspired by the real-world calendar. This should help introduce players to the complex world of Formula 1. It brings together multiple game modes like Time Trial and Grand Prix.

There's a new progression system as well, where players can level up by completing challenges to unlock car upgrades, new liveries, race suits, and helmets. A new safety rating system meanwhile links online and offline play.

What do you think? Excited about the game? Learn more about F1 23 here.

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