'League Of Legends' New Skin Teaser: Elemental Lux Coming Our Way

elemental lux
Elemental Lux is Captain Planet, confirmed? Surrender@20

In the middle of the madness that is Blizzcon, Riot decided to release a new teaser for one of League of Legends' oldest champions. Four individual teasers for Elemental Lux popped up on Facebook, with each region getting a different element.

  • NA- Fire

  • Brazil- Water

  • Thailand- Darkness

  • Italian- Light

When all four of the teasers are combined, they create a new image showing a brand new logo. The actual teaser doesn't look very much like Lux, all we see is the corner of her eye. We know that it is the giggling light slinger because of a leak in September, which listed all the Star Guardian skins, Candy King Ivern and Elemental Lux. Players were worried that the skin was never going to come, but now we know reddit user ItWasOwen wasn’t lying (see what I did there.)

Get ready for Elemental Lux to pop up on the PBE sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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