Latest Update For Hades Enables Cross-Save Between PC and Nintendo Switch

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Hades fans are in for some good news. Its developer, Supergiant Games, announced earlier today that the game is getting a cross-save update. The update will be available on both PC and Nintendo Switch. After the update installation, players can now share their progress between the two platforms.

Hades received a surprise launch on the Nintendo Switch in September this year. It is when the developer announced the upcoming cross-save functionality. However, Supergiant Games had to delay the cross-save update to focus on improving the game on the handheld console.

What else is included in the update?

Besides the cross-save feature, Hades players on the Nintendo Switch can expect a bunch of improvements. These are the same improvements already available on the PC platform.

The game also received an update on December 1. It introduced a variety of changes, weapon and ability balancing, and bug fixes. To keep up to date with Hades ' patches, head over to Supergiant's official website.

Hades originally launched the early access for PC in 2018. And after being in development for two years, the game received an official release this September. As of now, the developer is focusing on improving the core game before introducing more content.

How to enable cross-saves?

It is fairly simple to enable cross-saves on the Nintendo Switch. But if you have never enabled cross-saves before, you can follow these steps:

  • Install the latest update.
  • Head to the main menu of the game and look for "Cross-Saves."
  • Connect your Steam or Epic Games Store account to complete linking.

Hades was also nominated for Game of the Year this year but did not manage to claim the award. Still, the game secured the Best Indie title and Best Action Game title.

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