Hades Releases Patch 026 Which Upgrades The Daedalus Hammer

Latest patch released.
Latest patch released. Supergiant Games

Hades has released early access Patch 026, which fine-tunes various aspects along with bringing balance changes. The patch follows the sixth Major Update which was released a few days before this patch. One major change is that it offers upgrades to the Daedalus Hammer.

For the Daedalus Hammer, upgrades include:

  • Flurry Blade (Blade)
    • increased damage
  • Dashing Wallop (Shield)
    • reduced damage
    • adjusted hitbox
  • Pulverizing Blow (Shield)
    • removed the property 'no longer knocks foes away'
  • Spread Fire (Rail)
    • removed penalty to max. ammo

General gameplay changes focused on the Temple of Styx. These are:

  • Slightly increased minimum chamber length of each Temple of Styx Satyr Tunnel
  • Foes in Temple of Styx mini-chambers take slightly longer to attack when you first enter
  • Slightly reduced frequency of Valuable Urns in Temple of Styx
  • Slightly reduced money drops on foes in Temple of Styx

Other updates include:

  • Weapons & Powers
    • Stygian Blade: reduced damage radius of Nova special
    • Shield of Chaos: basic attack no longer knocks foes away
  • Boons & Blessings
    • Zeus' Aid: reduced duration of Max Gauge Bonus
    • Poseidon's Aid: reduced duration, increased damage
    • Athena's Aid: reduced duration, reduced power level of Rare and Epic rarity
    • Aphrodite's Aid: reworked Max Gauge Bonus; now deals significant damage
    • Dionysus' Aid: reduced duration of Max Gauge Bonus
    • Thunder Dash (Zeus): reduced damage
    • Last Stand (Athena): reduced healing; now offered only once you have at least one Athena Boon
    • Deathless Stand (Athena): now offered only once you have at least one Athena Boon
    • Life Affirmation (Aphrodite): increased power level
  • Foes & Encounters
    • Megagorgon: now vulnerable to knock-away effects
    • Tisiphone: slightly reduced hitbox on her melee combo to align with the graphic
    • Gigantic Vermin: increased damage, increased attack-start range
    • Bother: increased damage, increased damage radius
    • Snakestone: increased damage, increased tracking speed
    • Satyr Cultist: attack now deals a bit of physical damage
    • Final Boss: increased damage of various moves; reduced blast speed of shockwave attack; reduced tracking of homing attack; beam attack now destroys rubble; various other adjustments
  • Level Design & Environments
    • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements to various Temple of Styx chambers
    • Minor fixes and improvements to other chambers

The latest changes in the patch, along with those of the previous patches, can be viewed here.

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