The Last of Us Part 1 PC Port Will Release “Very Soon” After PS5 Launch

The Last of Us Part 1
The Last of Us Part 1 Naughty Dog

Fans of The Last of Us can enjoy the game once again in less than two months. The remake of the first game, The Last of Us Part 1, will launch on PS5 on September 2; the game has been confirmed for PC as well. However, no release date or window has been provided.

“Very Soon”

Yesterday, Jonathan Benainous, a Senior Environment Texture Artist at Naughty Dog, revealed that the PC version should come out “very soon after the PS5 release.” What does this mean?

To me, “very soon” means less than three months, but there’s no way that’s happening. The remake probably won’t arrive in late 2022 as that’s when Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will come out on PC. Sony would want to space out its PC releases for maximum sales.

Previous Claims Makes Me Doubt It

“Very Soon” could mean early 2023. But how much stock should we put on this claim? Sony claimed that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will arrive on PC “shortly after” the PS5 release. However, it’s been more than six months now and we don’t even have a release date. I hope this situation isn’t repeated with TLOU Part 1.

Whenever Sony decides to release the PC version of Part 1, you can be sure that it will cost $69.99. I don’t see a price drop for PC as that’s what they are selling the remake for on PS5.

Other PC Releases

We now have four different Sony games coming to PC and only one of them, Spider-Man Remastered, has a definite release date. The PC versions of two more games, Returnal and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, leaked as well; so that’s six games PC players are looking forward to.

I, for one, am waiting for the PC versions of Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and The Last of Us Part 2.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1? Have you played any of the TLOU games before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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