The Last of Us Part 1 Patch 1.03: New PS5 Content, PC Mouse Stutter Finally Fixed

The Last of Us Part 1
The Last of Us Part 1 Naughty Dog

The PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 is nothing to write home about. Many players reported that their game suffers from a plethora of technical issues, including high CPU and VRAM usage, loading stutters, and more. We also encountered a weird issue for arrow key players.

Naughty Dog already released multiple patches addressing some of the issues, but still, the game is far from perfect. A hotfix for the PC version went live yesterday that fixed the mouse stutter problem, meaning your mouse shouldn’t cause the camera to stutter anymore. The developer also mentioned that a major patch is planned for release later this week.

The PlayStation 5 version is also getting some love from the developer. Patch 1.03 went live and it brought balancing changes, bug fixes, and even new content. HBO t-shirts for Ellie, which were previously available on PC, have been added to the PS5 version. Check out the highlights of the update below.

  • [Brazilian Portuguese] Remastered and increased the audio quality for in-game voice lines
  • Adjusted aim sensitivity from 1-10 to 1-100, with a lower minimum sensitivity
  • Companion characters now throw bricks at enemies during combat more consistently
  • Rifle weapons now use hit-scan instead of projectile physics to determine whether they hit an enemy
  • Increased the pump shotgun's base fire rate
  • Melee and Fire may now be bound to the same button in Customize Controls (Options > Controls > Customize Controls)
  • Speedrun Mode timer now pauses during black screen fades
  • Melee attacks using a two-handed melee weapon now kill stunned enemies
  • Meleeing while sprinting now staggers Infected enemies for longer
  • Player character can move sooner after finishing a melee swing
  • Companion characters rescue the player character from enemy grapples more consistently
  • Shotguns and rifles begin rechambering sooner after being unholstered
  • Melee attacks that send enemies to their knees now combo into finishers, whether or not the player has a melee weapon
  • Increased time that human enemies are staggered after being punched
  • Enemies no longer beg for their lives when they can't be easily reached by the player
  • Adjusted timing of various checkpoints throughout the game
  • Numerous visual improvements and adjustments throughout the game
  • Multiple fixes to subtitles, UI text, and Screen Reader lines
  • [Grounded Difficulty] Reduced the accuracy of the turret truck
  • [Permadeath Mode] The deer hunt is no longer considered a combat encounter

You can visit the official site for the complete patch notes, which also detail all the bug fixes. A list of known issues for PC players is mentioned here.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing The Last of Us Part 1 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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