Hi-Fi Rush Update 3: QoL Improvements and Bug Fixes; New Costume Pack Available

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush can be quite difficult if you haven’t played rhythm games before. So, the developer released a small patch to make the game a little easier and only if you want it to. 2D Rhythm Game Assist and Auto Rhythm Parry have been introduced and can be enabled in Easy and Normal difficulty settings. A new costume pack that makes our heroes look like villains are made available as well. The Bossplay Costume Pack can be yours for only $4.99.

The highlights of the patch are mentioned below.

2D Rhythm Game Assist (Located in the Accessibility Menu)
  • Available on Easy and Normal difficulty settings, this feature offers a wider window of success for timed inputs. Note that the frames added for successful inputs varies based on the BPM of the music playing during that Track.
  • Missing inputs will still allow players to complete the Rhythm Game (instead of instantly failing); players must input at least 70% of the correct inputs to succeed.
  • Events this feature applies to include:
    • Generators found in Track 01 and Track 03.
    • Destroying the AR lens in Track 04.
    • Activating the Data nodes in Track 05.
    • Destroying the barrier in Track 11.
Auto Rhythm Parry
  • Available on Easy and Normal difficulty settings, pressing and holding the button for the first action in a forced parry event (or dodge) will allow Chai to automatically parry or evade subsequent actions in the event.
  • Missing the initial action is okay, so long as players press and hold the input for the subsequent action. A player must still parry most attacks (approximately 70%) to ‘succeed’ in these game events.
  • In a Rhythm Parry Attack, players must still press attack or parry to the Beat Hit prompt to deal the finishing blow.
  • This action can be used on:
    • Rhythm Parry Attacks (regular enemies and bosses).
    • VU-REV’s grab attacks that require dodging.
    • Lasers that require parrying to destroy.
Collectible Information
  • The stage select screen now displays how many collectibles you have found in each stage. If there are no collectibles of a certain type in a particular stage, it will display 0/0.
  • Completed collections in a level will display a green checkmark on the stage select screen.

The patch also addressed a handful of bugs and issues and you can read them in great detail via the official site. Players can purchase Hi-Fi Rush from Steam for only $29.99 or play it through PC Game Pass.

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