The Last Starship: Demo Now Out with Playtest Build Updated

Can the ship make it?
Can the ship make it? Introversion Software

The Last Starship is a game where you get to choose a ship hull and kit her out with different features like engines, sensors, railguns, and life-support, prepping her for a new adventure. Everyone now has the chance to see what that feels like with a demo now available on Steam.

Once you’ve played the demo, you can learn more about the game with the deep dive offered by Mark and Chris on the Ship Editor and combat matching system. Hopefully, this should help you design a ship and have the game analyze, assess, and anatomize that creation. The game can even come up with an enemy having similar firepower and maneuverability to test how well you do in combat.

You can watch that video below:

Join the Playtest

In addition to a demo, there's also a private playtest available. To gain access, simply apply on Steam. This playtest has been updated to include not just the latest ship editor but also the Creative Mode. However, other parts of the game have been disabled.

Here's what's available in this updated playtest:

  • Creative Mode
    • Unlimited budget to create whatever ship you can think of.
    • Instant spawn equipment and resources, with no constraints.
    • You cannot leave the system.
    • New menu option "Import Hostile" available.
      • This is for combat testing against your ship library.
  • Ship Editor
    • Ship Editor now supports dragging a box shape to fill large areas along with drawing freehand.
    • Ship Editor now shows Mass, Toughness, Crew Capacity, and $Value at the top of the screen. New Spawn button when in Creative Mode.
      • This permits instant spawn of any Equipment, Resource, or Item.
  • New Alert System
    • This replaces the previous fullscreen alert system.
    • On-screen alerts for dangerous events.
    • Hostiles, meteors, critical resource shortages, hull breaches, reactor shut downs, low batteries, etc.
    • With helpful tooltips to guide new players.
    • Hull breaches are located with a line from the alert.
  • Small Changes
    • Auto-save after FTL jump now captures a thumbnail like manual save.
    • "Create Storage Hint" now displayed when a Drone Bay becomes clogged with items which do not have a storage place set on the ship.
    • Loading a ship in the editor no longer sends a shuttle with five new crew.
    • New graphics for crew and passenger bodies in space.
    • Enemy ships always spawn dead bodies after destruction.

Check out The Last Starship on Steam.

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