New Demo Update for Aloft Now Available on Steam

Try it now.
Try it now. Astrolabe Interactive

A new demo update for Aloft is now available on PC through Steam. This is part of the Base Builder and Games from Quebec Festivals celebration being held on Steam. This co-op floating island survival sandbox game is set for release early next year.

For the new demo content, players can look forward to new characters and monsters along with new environments. There's also the overhauled survival system and simplified building mode, alongside a bunch of new features, such as:

  • New photo mode
  • UI and icon improvements
  • New sounds
  • New animations
  • Gliding controls
  • Cooking, campfires, fireplaces, doors, and windows

This demo update comes a year after the game has had remarkable achievements along with community milestones. The game has been earning distinctions like being a finalist in both Gamescom 2022’s Big Indie Pitch and Ubisoft’s Indie Series 2022. It even received an honorable mention during the Indie Cup Canada 2022 awards.

On Steam, the game has seen more than 32,000 demo users, having an average playtime of two hours each. There have been more than 300 videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch, and almost 50,000 organic Steam wishlists since June 2022.

In Aloft, players need to survive on islands floating around an eternal hurricane sitting at the center of their world. After building a base, players can outfit their enclave with sails and travel the winds to discover new territories and collect resources, technologies, and equipment upgrades.

Some features of the game include:

  • Creative Sail Crafting
    • Build the perfect sails for the floating island.
    • Adjust the height and width of masts, rotate and expand the canvas, move around anchor points, and inflate/deflate the cloth to craft any decoration imaginable.
    • Use sails to move your island and navigate the sky.
    • To move faster, fly on wind currents and jet streams.
  • Life In The Clouds
    • Craft buildings to offer protection from the harsh wind or simply let the wind pass through.
    • Use the glider to move quickly across the archipelago of floating islands.
    • Farm crops and raise livestock by gathering water from passing clouds, erect windmills that automate machines, and admire the amazing view.
    • Jump off and fly freely using the glider.
    • Dance among the clouds with a friendly bird or two.
  • Cleanse Corruption
    • Some islands are corrupted by a dangerous form of fungal infection.
    • These toxic and colorful mushrooms grow on top of contaminated flora and poison the local wildlife.
    • Develop treatments for various forms of fungi and cleanse the islands of infection.
    • Get access to new animal companions, livestock, crops, and resources by healing and freeing the ecosystem.

Try the demo of Aloft on Steam now.

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