Horticular Free Demo: Check if You Have the Green Thumb

Stop and smell the roses.
Stop and smell the roses. inDirection Games

Want to know if you have the green thumb? You're in luck! A free demo of the upcoming garden-builder game Horticular is now available. The game is being developed by inDirection Games and published by Slug Disco Studios, set for release sometime this year.

The game starts with the player being summoned by mysterious gnomes and they only have one wish - for the player to bring new life to a garden abandoned by the previous caretaker. Players can look forward to a magical world where they build and expand a garden at their own pace. Along the way, they will attract animals, discover helpful upgrades, and assist quirky characters to get rewards and move the story forward.

Features of the game include:

  • Creative Freedom
    • Players can build and expand the garden of their dreams using hundreds of unlockable surface types and items.
    • They can set the pace and what to do next.
    • The horticultural creation is unique to each player.
  • Animal Ecosystem
    • Create and preserve animal habitats to attract adorable creatures.
    • Each species has its own requirements to fulfill before they can visit, so plan ahead if you want them all.
    • Those not able to take proper care of their inhabitants can see them leave for better luck elsewhere.
  • Immersive World
    • Players can immerse themselves in their very own personal horticultural garden diorama that comes complete with a day-night cycle and weather effects.
    • However, it's not all for show since the darkness has a tendency to attract unsavory characters.
    • Some animals prefer specific weather conditions.
  • Maintaining Magic
    • Be ready to nurture the garden with magic.
    • Over time, players need to deal with unhappy animals, garden decay, and strange corrupted agents sent by the enemy.
    • A combination of helpful gnomes, along with magical gardening gloves, can help make an everblooming environment.
  • Garden Upgrades
    • Players can select how the gardening journey develops by upgrading abilities to suit their playstyle.
    • Invest in new items to rebuild with.
    • Since players make the decision, each playthrough is personal.
  • Pen Pals
    • Encounter multiple quirky characters writing letters throughout the story.
    • Each individual has their own specialty and they frequently give players tasks to carry out in exchange for a reward.
    • It's up to players to decide what to pursue and there is always something waiting to be done.

Try out the demo of Horticular on Steam.

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