Last Epoch: Update 0.9j Resolves Global Conditional Damage Properties Not Working

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Has your damage output suffered lately in Last Epoch? If so, you're probably using certain items and skills that have been affected by an annoying bug. Fortunately, it is now fixed in Update 0.9j.

Before Update 0.9j went live, there was a bug that caused global conditional damage properties to not work as intended. This affected the following:

  • More Spell Damage to Ignited Enemies on Soulfire
  • More Throwing Damage to Bosses and Rare Enemies on Bo's Anarchy
  • More Fire Hit Damage to Ignited Enemies on the Arcane Flames node on the Mage passive tree
  • More Void Damage to Stunned Enemies on the Shifting Power node on the Volatile Reversal tree
  • More Melee Damage per Bleed (up to 30 stacks) on the Wounded Prey node on the Summon Bear tree
  • More Damage per Poison (up to 30 stacks) on the Envenomed Prey node on the Summon Scorpion tree

If you're using any of the above items or abilities, you're advised to patch up your Last Epoch client to the latest version as soon as you can.

Additionally, some breakable objects found in the Maj'elkan Catacombs, Rustlands, Altar of Flesh, Dragons' Grotto, and Rotting Hoard can no longer cause you to get stuck in place when destroying them in online play. The developers have found the culprit and they've dealt with it accordingly.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Shift could sometimes cast a second time after being used once, resulting in getting sent back to the era you were originally in.
  • Fixed a recent bug where targeted abilities such as Lunge or Smite could fail to cast if they were the first ability you used in a scene.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to target enemies that had yet to emerge with Lunge. Doing so would result in being unable to move after using Lunge.
  • Fixed a recent bug where offline characters would have 0 potions when loaded rather than their maximum amount of potions.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could be pushed around in Online by walking into them.


  • Normalized the damage and cast speed of Skeletal Mage projectiles. Previously the Hungering Souls used by regular Skeletal Mages were much slower and weaker, while the attacks from Cryomancers and Pyromancers had hidden modifiers to cast speed and damage which made it difficult to understand their power.
  • Dread Bolt: 30 base damage and 150% damage effectiveness, 50% chance to apply Damned on hit, no longer applies Possessed (which had a stack limit and could overwrite a player's stronger Possessed ailment). Dread Bolt now also has a higher projectile speed and does not have homing.
  • Cryomancer's Ice Shard: 30 base damage and 150% damage effectiveness (previously 12 and 100%, with 90% more damage).
  • Pyromancer's Fireball: 34 base damage and 170% damage effectiveness (previously 25 and 125%, with 40% more damage).
  • This should result in close to the same DPS for Fireball and Ice Shard, and much higher DPS for Dread Bolt.

The full list of changes can be found on Steam.

Last Epoch Update 0.9j is available on PC.

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