Last Epoch: Beta Patch 0.9c Fixes Issue with Empowered Monoliths and More

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Last Epoch, the action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games, has received a minor update recently that fixed some notable issues.

The Monolith of Fate is one of the endgame activities that you can do in Last Epoch, where completing timelines rewards you with some pretty sweet loot. That said, there was an issue where offline characters could not unlock empowered monoliths at the timeline catalyst. Thankfully, the company has resolved this in Beta Patch 0.9c.

Aside from that, defeating certain bosses in the game, such as Admiral Harton, Spymaster Zerrick, and Lagon, will now unlock the first waypoint of the next chapter in case you’ve logged out or got disconnected for some reason before continuing.


  • The Death Recap screen (you were killed by X with Y damage type) now works in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where a reward rock could incorrectly appear after completing a Quest Echo in offline (Quest Echoes don’t have echo completion rewards).
  • Fixed a bug where return portals did not appear in the Council Chambers or Outcast Camp after taking a town portal to those zones.
  • The following interactions now require a click rather than happening when you hold down the left mouse button and hover over the object:
    • Using the Town Portal (both to town and from town)
    • Open the Stash
    • Talking to most NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where the skill tooltip incorrectly displayed when opening a skill tree.
  • Fixed a bug where channeled skills kept recasting in multiplayer, causing casting vfx and sounds to play repeatedly.
  • Increased the basic melee attack range of Assembled Abomination by around 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Reave’s Rhythm of Fire could not gain stacks from any source.
  • Fixed a bug where using Fury Leap at a very long distance could cause you to get stuck in an animation pose until you used another ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Lunge would lock you in place when targeting destructible objects.
  • Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Coagulated Blood was not affected by increased area.
  • Fixed a bug where Swarmblade’s Locusts sunk into the ground and did not animate.
  • Fixed a bug where offline characters could be overwritten when creating a new offline character after deleting one.
  • Temporarily massively reduced the damage of the Emperor of Corpses’ Soul Bomb. The arena for this fight was made smaller in the lead up to 0.9 without the boss’ abilities being changed to account for this. We plan to return the arena to its original size soon.
  • Void Worms have a less intense visual effect when they die.
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Flesh’s abilities would sometimes indicate in the wrong direction in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Spymaster Zerrick not having a boss-style healthbar when hovered over.
  • Fixed the stone blocks in Liath’s Sanctum not having a sound.
  • Updated the emerging sound for Void Despair.
  • Fixed the Hollow Druant’s Entangling Roots skill not having sounds.

If you’re experiencing issues with Last Epoch, it’s recommended that you download Beta Patch 0.9c right away.

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