Last Epoch: Beta Patch 0.9g Fixes Rubberbanding Issues When Using Movement Abilities

Beta Patch 0.9g
Beta Patch 0.9g Twitter/@LastEpoch

Developers of Last Epoch released Beta Patch 0.9g for the popular APRG recently, which is primarily focused on squashing some pretty annoying bugs.

Rubberbanding is a common problem in online games where your character is snapped back to a previous location due to server or latency issues. However, this can also be triggered by other things. In the case of Last Epoch, a pesky bug caused rubberbanding to occur when using movement abilities. It looks like the devs were able to identify this particular bug and have fixed it in Beta Patch 0.9g.

Aside from that, the bug that caused memory leaks, particularly in the Monolith of Fate, has been resolved. However, the developers acknowledged that RAM usage still goes up over time, so they are currently investigating this further. Hopefully, they can address this matter as soon as possible.

Patch Notes

  • Significantly reduced instances of Lunge and similar abilities getting stuck in their animation, which prevented movement until another ability was used.
  • Players can now respawn at the end of a Dungeon boss fight without being kicked out of the dungeon when the boss is defeated by other party members.
  • Players can now choose to Abandon a dungeon or arena run if they don’t want to wait until they can respawn.
  • Fixed a bug where the main combat floor entrances in Soulfire Bastion had invisible reverse transitions. If you walked backwards into them it would reload the zone (ending your dungeon run).
  • Fixed a bug where your character model was sometimes duplicated after transitioning to a new zone. The camera would remain locked on the copy, while the other one could move.
  • Fixed a bug where Spires could attack players that were in Echo of a World.
  • Fixed a bug where the western moon fragment altar in the Moonlit Shrine could sometimes become uninteractable.
  • Fixed the “Initializing” screen showing after login even when the queue system isn’t active. This makes getting to character select slightly faster.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leave Game button took you back to Login rather than Character Select.
  • Thorn Shield now has a slight priority for targeting players over minions and mobile minions over immobile minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Meteor’s Cycle of Fire only granted its ward and mana for 4 seconds after gaining Craterborn, rather than for the full 6 second duration of Craterborn.
  • Fixed a bug where your Vengeance tree sometimes affected an ally’s versions of Riposte and Iron Blade instead of yours.
  • Fixed a bug where chat channel selection could be reset in some situations. This could cause chat to turn back on after it’s been turned off.
  • Fixed gameplay messages that are shown in the chat window (i.e. Loot Filter Disabled) being hidden when Chat is disabled.

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

Last Epoch Beta Patch 0.9g is available on PC.

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