La Tale Introduces the New Shadow Walker Class

Welcome the new class.
Welcome the new class. Papaya Play

La Tale has released a new character class called Shadow Walker. In the game, these are the ones who can cross between light and darkness. Unlike other classes, they start in the Lancer line before evolving to Shadow Walker. Also, the weapon the Lancer starts with grows with the character. So, there won’t be any need to replace them.

La Tale introduced this new class with a cinematic video that you can watch below:

Class Details

Being a magic line, the Lancer line gets damage increases via magic options like Elemental Intensity. Their main weapon is called the Magic Lancer. What’s good about this weapon is it doesn’t get destroyed. No failures for upgrades and enchanting. There are also special enchants available.

Here are the other details for this class:

  • Dark Gauge
    • The Lancer line has its own gauge called Dark Gauge.
    • Dark Gauge increases over time and with the use of Dark skills.
    • If the Dark Gauge reaches its maximum, players can use the Darkeater skill to switch positions to Shadow Knight.
  • Shadow Knight
    • During the Shadow Knight state, the Dark Gauge is continuously consumed and, if exhausted, players go back to the normal state.
    • During the Shadow Knight state, the player's weapon changes to a Heavy Lance.
    • During the Shadow Knight state, players can only use the Dark skills, but they do much more powerful attacks to enemies.
  • Immortal
    • When the Lancer line is unable to fight, it consumes all of its charged mana and triggers the Immortal effect.
    • Players can be revived without losing any EXP and Ely, and the HP and Dark Gauge recover 100% and return to the Shadow Knight stance.
    • Spent mana gets changed over time, and special effects occur around the character when checked or buffered by the mouse-over tooltip of the Immortal Gauge in the Skill Window.

Read more about what arrived along with the new class here.

Ongoing Events

Different events are happening in the game to make players busy. The Shadow Walker Event, for example, started on December 17 and will run until January 13. It offers daily rewards. While you may not complete the tasks when you start now, there are still excellent deals.

There’s also Dayna’s Gift for New Players. It runs in the same period as the Shadow Walker Event. Newly registered users will receive some great items. There are rewards too for returning players, who haven’t logged-in since October 1, 2020.

If you’re one of those who’ve been playing, not to worry. Loyal players get rewards as well. Check out the complete list of rewards here.

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