Classic Shooter Freedom Fighters Now Available Digitally For The PC

Time for some nostalgia.
Time for some nostalgia. IO Interactive

The cult-classic Freedom Fighters is making a return and is now available digitally for the PC. To make it even more enticing for old and new players, developer IO Interactive is offering the game at a 33% discount during its first week of sales. That means everyone gets the chance to re-join the resistance for only $9.99.

For those of you not familiar with Freedom Fighters, it was first released in 2003. This re-released version is pretty much the same as the one released 17 years ago, without any major reworks. Freedom Fighters features tactical squad-based gameplay, inter-connected missions, and your very own rebel base.

Freedom Fighters is a third-person action game set in an alternate history where New York is being invaded by a foreign superpower. Players take on the role of Chris Stone, a plumber who needs to prove himself as a leader and rise within the ranks of the resistance.

The campaign itself is going to give players the chance to access different locations across New York to complete interconnected missions. Players need to keep in mind that their actions in one level can affect their battles in another level. Grow the resistance by scavenging for weapons and liberating supplies. Command a single soldier or be able to lead a squad with as many as 12 fighters. Tactics are key here, so keep that in mind.

Freedom Fighters is offered at the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam. Longtime fans of the game are sure to like the extras packed with this re-release. These include the official Freedom Fighters soundtrack, which offers 16 tracks that come in both FLAC and MP3 formats. That’s not all, as there are also two bonus tracks that have never been included in the game. This means you get to enjoy the likes of March of the Empire, Choir of Liberty and Snow Battle, all in their original glory.

Still not enough? IO Interactive is also offering the original PC manual as a downloadable PDF. This is a sure treat not only for old fans, but also for new players who want to “learn” how to close background applications on Windows 98.

What are you waiting for? Give this one a shot and take your freedom back.

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