Bless Unleashed Introducing Class Points And The New SP Shop

A new feature is in the works.
A new feature is in the works. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed released its Fall Update last month, and it didn’t take long for developer Round 8 Studios to announce that it was working on the next Bless Unleashed update known as Spear of Salvation. There’s a lot of new content coming to Bless Unleashed with this new update. Today we take a look at some of the planned features.

Class Levels

The new update is set to introduce a new way for players to advance their characters with Class Levels. This is going to be available once Gideon in the Nightspire is defeated. The actual class level system is going to be unlocked once players complete a quest that begins after returning to Sperios.

Once unlocked, players get class experience through the same actions needed to gain skill experience, or SXP. Once players reach a new class level, they get to use some of the experience they’ve gained to unlock new passive abilities for their class. Below are some of the abilities that are being planned:

  • Crusader
    • Righteous Vigor: Critical hits heal a percentage of damage.
    • Flawless Stance: Guard Gauge total increase.
  • Berserker
    • Shattering Blows: Increases Critical Damage.
    • Axe Mastery: Increase in Attack Power.
  • Ranger
    • Heavy Draw: Increase in attack power.
    • Falcon's Sight: Increased Critical Chance.
  • Mage
    • Arcane Mastery: Increases in Attack Power and Critical Damage.
    • Mana Buffer: Reduction in damage taken.
  • Priest
    • Inquisitor's Instincts: Attack Power Increase.
    • Divine Protection: Increased HP and Armor.

In a post, the Bless Unleashed Team revealed that these are simply the opening abilities. That means that as players invest in their chosen skills, they can unlock additional benefits. However, no ability is going to be raised above their current class levels. This means that players need to continue to advance their class level in order unlock more abilities, and with that, increase the power of their current abilities. To unlock the abilities, players are going to need to buy special items from the Skill Point Shop.

Skill Point Shop

The Skill Point Shop is a new feature which lets players make use of their unspent Skill Points. Players can use these newly acquired Skill Points to buy items like special consumables and memory gems. Players can even get a new item that can be used to increase the power of their new class level abilities.

New Attendance System

Finally, there is also going to be a new attendance system that‘s going to arrive with the new update. Here players can earn new rewards by checking in to the game every day. Players even get a special set of quests each day and earn additional rewards when they’re completed.

What do you think? Are the new features exciting? What else would you like to see added in the next Bless Unleashed update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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