Kingdoms Update 0.763 Expands Relationship Feature

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Oreol, the developer of a procedurally generated medieval RPG game Kingdoms, has released yet another update. This is the fourth update of the month and it does exactly what the developer previously promised. The relationship feature introduced via the older update has been expanded. The patch also fixed around seven bugs and further improved the Russian translation.

We have mentioned the changes below:

  • Now the player can increase/decrease relationship by talking with a person
  • There are 6 topics to talk about - politics, family, business, fighting, craft, and traveling
  • Scholar line perks now used to learn about settlers favorite/hated items/topics
  • To learn about disliked topic player should have at least 5 relationship or Scholar perk
  • To learn about disliked item player should have at least 10 relationship or Scrivener perk
  • To learn about liked topic player should have at least 15 relationship or Scrollmaster perk
  • To learn about liked item player should have at least 20 relationship or Wiseman perk
  • New non-cyclic quest was added - Talk to farmer about the island
  • Player can gain -5, -2, 1, 2, or 5 relationship when talking to the settler
  • Player can talk about various topics with a settler once a day
  • Player can send only one gift a day;
  • Fixed issue when AI could be stuck at place when deciding to eat in common house when common wasn't build
  • Fixed issue when one in the couple couldn't move to couple's house sometimes
  • Fixed issue when AI couple wasn't correctly loaded sometimes
  • Fixed issue when AI was still counting as coupled even if wife/husband were dead
  • Fixed issue when gifting disliked item didn't decrease relationship sometimes
  • Fixed bugged AI chopping animation
  • Some grammar in English lines was fixed
  • Russian translation was updated

The complete changelog is taken from Steam.

Kingdoms is currently available on Steam for only $9.99. The game is in an Early Access state, for now, so expect major bugs.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Which other new feature do you want the developer to add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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