Kingdoms Update 0.755 Focuses Heavily on Bug Fixes

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Kingdoms, the procedurally-generated medieval RPG game, received a small patch on September 3. This is the second of the two updates released back-to-back. The previous update was focused on improving AI animations, whereas, this one is focused mostly on bug fixes.

The size and density of cornflower are changed along with the model of poppy. This should make spotting both plants a little bit easier. The patch tweaked the LOD settings on every flower as well. Speaking of flowers, from now on, they will have more color variations. The patch also updated the Russian and French translations to improve accuracy.

The rest of the changes are mentioned below.

  • When creating a character game will show the amount of LP needed to spend if the player didn't spend enough and pressed "Continue"
  • Flowers models rendering was improved a bit in order to increase performance
  • Fixed issue when addition parameters descriptions were unable to read when using not the English language in-game
  • Fixed issue when poppy was unable to gather sometimes
  • Fixed issue when settlers could sometimes fly over house entrance
  • Fixed issue when settlers could sometimes be stuck near house entrance in a looped walking animation
  • Small smith animations positions and rotations were tweaked a bit
  • Fixed bugged naming for steel ring with crystal
  • Fixed issue when settlers didn't gather crystals and sell them in shops
  • Fixed issue when settler sometimes became invisible inside houses
  • Male and female walking animations speed were tweaked in order to fix sliding effect
  • Fixed issue when settlers can clip inside of each other when exiting various structures
  • Fixed issue if settler was 50 meters away and moved he/she could look in a wrong direction
  • Fixed bugged "table working" animation for City Hall staff
  • Fixed issue when creating populated island ship position could be too close to the port and player didn't have enough time to speak with settlers
  • Fixed issue when the player could spawn underwater right after world's creation

The complete patch notes are mentioned on Steam as well.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other bugs that you want the developer to address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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