Kingdoms Update 0.761 Brings New Relationship Feature

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Kingdoms’ latest update is here, and it comes bearing gifts, literally. The September 6 update has added a new parameter called Relationship. To improve your relationship with other characters, you can do two things. First is bringing them gifts that they like, and the second is to talk about topics, which they like too. The patch also fixed two bugs and improved the Russian translation.

Future updates will expand the new relationship feature. It will allow you to ask for a marriage proposal and whatnot.


  • New settlers parameter was added - relationship with player
  • Each settler now has beloved types of items and items he/she dislikes
  • Each settler now has beloved discussion topic
  • Each settler now has topics that he/she doesn't like to discuss
  • Upon beloved items group there is also one most beloved item
  • There are 8 groups of items: food, vegetables, seeds, trophies, tools, flowers, resources, jewelry - each has 10 items inside, most beloved/hated item is among these
  • Player can ask settlers about beloved items
  • Player can ask settler about disliked items
  • Player can ask settler about beloved discussion topics
  • Player can ask settler about discussion topics that this settler doesn't like
  • Relation number will be visible if it's not a zero
  • Settler have various replies, depending on relationship parameter
  • Player can give certain items as gifts
  • There are 5 categories of "likeness" for an item: hate the most (-15), hate (-10), not interested (5), interested (+10), beloved item (+15)
  • If player is noble and settler is not player will gain 2x more relationship points
  • If player is a commoner and settler is noble - player will get 2x less relationship points
  • K-Editor was removed from the main menu - there were some reports that it breaks the game at some point. Let me know in the comments if we need to add K-Editor to update_testing build - for those players who use it.

The complete patch notes are available on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Which other new feature do you want the developer to add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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