Kingdoms Update 0.753 Brings New Animations and Bug Fixes

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Kingdoms continue to get more and more updates. The developer recently released updates that added new flowers and crystals to the game. Now, more stuff has been added via two back-to-back updates. The first one, which is explained here, was released on September 2 and it brought several new animations along with bug fixes. The second was released the very next day and you can read about it over here.

The September 2 update has changed several AI animations, including the ones for “picking up” and “walking.” From now on, a different sound will play when AI is chopping wood. Settlers’ animation in shops is tweaked as well. The patch also made changes to the Russian translation.

We have mentioned the rest of the changes below.

  • AI default "walking" animation was changed, new keys for starting and ending walking were added
  • "Walking with torch" animation was changed
  • "Walking with log" animation was changed
  • "Walking with crate" animation was changed
  • "Walking animation" for males was changed
  • "Walking animation" for females was added
  • "Table writing" animation was changed
  • Hammer model was added to blacksmithing animation as well as sparkling and sound effects
  • "Look around" settlers animation was changed
  • "Counting" settlers animation was changed
  • Fixed critical issue when player didn't get the money for selling the house
  • Fixed notification about player's house selling
  • Fixed issue when settler couldn't enter the house sometimes if this house was visited by another settler previously
  • Fixed issue when settler visited shop too quickly;
  • Fixed issue when a house where previously owned by couples couldn't be bought by other settlers
  • Fixed issue when settlers could suddenly teleport from one shop to another

The complete patch notes are posted on Steam.

Kingdoms is currently available only on Steam for a measly $9.99. The game is currently in Early Access so expect some bugs here and there.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Kingdoms recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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