Kingdoms Update 0.676: General Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms developer, Oreol, recently released an update that introduced some changes and fixed known issues. In the latest update, players have been given other options to destroy the AI scaffolds in their property without having to wait for their house to be fully built.

The developers have also addressed some issues with the horse like the galloping sound being less annoying and getting stuck in a loop while in a warning animation.

Kingdoms Update 0.676


  • Now the player can destroy AI scaffolds in the owned settlement, no need to wait until the house is built.
  • Now the player can destroy any scaffold without having the Builder perk.
  • Now the player can see the amount of known settlers' gold when using the settlers list.


  • Fixed issue when AI could calculate place for their houses at the same time as the player is building something and two results could cause a "building-in-building" bug.
  • Fixed issue when AI could spawn their building inside players' common house because it wasn't properly added to settlement houses lists during the building process.
  • Fixed critical animal behavior, when they stayed at one place in looped warning animation instead of running away or attacking.
  • Fixed issue when a wild horse could be looped in annoying warning animation.
  • Now horse galloping sound is less annoying and unnatural.
  • Fixed issue when meat-eaters didn't properly react to other animals and didn't chase them.
  • Fixed issue when game sometimes set the resolution to 0x0 when first launching the game (mostly because of video driver issue), causing a crash. Now if this happens, the resolution will be set to 640x480 and players will be able to launch the game.
  • Fixed issue when AI could build a house right inside the wall sometimes.
  • Fixed issue when AI didn't get gold for an item sold in the shop.
  • Fixed critical trading issue when AI gold didn't change after barter causing impossibility to earn money and buy expensive stuff in shops.
  • Fixed critical trading issue when after selling an item the gold went to the shop's storage and to the settler's pocket.
  • Now the game can recreate the options file once it will find out that it was created incorrectly for some reason.
  • Now, the amount of pooled houses depends on RAM available to prevent crashes on systems with fewer than 8 GB RAM.

You can read more about the update here.

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