Kingdoms Update 0.664 Brings New Music, Quests, and Animation, Patch Notes Here

Kingdoms update
Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms might be developed by a small indie team. But it received a lot of support despite being in the early stage. Today, the update 0.664 rolled out. It brings new changes, bug fixes, and fresh music.

The indie team reworked several music tracks. The tracks for settlements, exploring, ship, fights, and more now better in setting the mood. The patch also added a new quest called “Bring poorman's hat for settlement leader.” There are some new animations too, which occur when you talk to settlers.



  • Fixed issue when bandit could play running with sword animation during the dialog;
  • Fixed issue when settlers in conquered settlement could remain hostile after siege is over (new game needed);
  • Fixed issue when player couldn't hire guards in conquered settlement (new game needed);
  • Fixed issue when tax collector didn't collect taxes in conquered settlement sometimes (new game needed);
  • Fixed issue bandits didn't properly react to to players replicas during dialog sometimes;
  • Fixed issue when battle music could be looped even if fight was over;
  • Fixed issue when battle music could be looped even if enemy (i.e. animal) was already far away;
  • Fixed issue when settlers looped in combat animation sometimes even of combat was over;
  • Some structures Update () function were optimized and rewritten in order to improve performance;


  • New animations were added for talking settlers during dialog;
  • Now not hostile settler will use greetings animation during the dialog;
  • Now destroying of bandits lairs will improve commanding perks;
  • Now conquering new settlements will improve commanding perks;
  • New music tracks were added for settlements;
  • New music tracks were added for exploring;
  • New music tracks were added for fights;
  • Now caves have new music inside;
  • New music on the ship;
  • New music during loading or world generation;
  • New music in taverns;
  • New music was added for bandits lairs;
  • New music was added for farms;
  • New music was added for sieges;
  • New quest "Bring poorman's hat for settlement leader" was added;
  • Russian translation was updated;

The development team said that regular updates come out three to four times a week. The complete changelog was posted on Steam.

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