Kingdoms Latest Update Lets You Ask Settlers ‘What Are You Doing’

New Kingdoms update
New Kingdoms update steam

Kingdoms released yet another update yesterday, and it was an important one. The update will add a nice feature to NPCs. NPCs will now tell you what they are doing when you ask them. You can ask this question to NPCs only when your friendship with them is 10 or above. The update also added eight ‘bring item’ quests to the game. You will have to deliver these items to the settlement leader, ambassador, and trader.

The update also brought several bug fixes to Kingdoms, including the one where players can’t destroy the houses in their own settlement. The ‘Build wall’ button will now work as intended and players can also build walls if the ‘AI can't build walls’ option is enabled.

Complete patch notes of the update are mentioned below. You can also read them on the official site.



  • Fixed issue when player couldn't destroy house in owned settlement;
  • Fixed issue when wall wasn't build after clicking "Build wall" button;
  • Now player can build walls and roads even if "AI can't build walls" and "AI can't build roads" parameters were enabled;
  • Fixed logical issue when settler bought food in shop but if it wasn't a berry still went to forest to gather berries;
  • Fixed logical issue when settler ate in Common House he could stuck near it's Entrance when next action is going to sleep;
  • Now player can ask settler what he's doing at the moment;
  • Fixed some logical settlers behavior when settler is going to the shop, tavern or at home to relax or clean there;
  • Player can ask what settler is doing only if friendship is greater than 10;
  • Quest "Bring three fox meat to settlement leader" added;
  • Quest "Bring one fox skin to settlement leader" added;
  • Quest "Bring three pumpkins to settlement leader" added;
  • Quest "Bring three pumpkins to settlement leader" added;
  • Quest "Bring one azalea to ambassador" added;
  • Quest "Bring one fern to wounded settler" added;
  • Quest "Bring one fern to trader" added;
  • Quest "Bring 10 wooden logs to settler" added;

So what do you think? Have you been playing Kingdoms recently? Will you be playing these new quests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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