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Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions
Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions Sofa Mauve Studio

A pretty massive update has dropped for the fantasy survival RPG Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions. This patch brought a slew of noteworthy changes - one of which is the removal of the weight stat.

According to developer Sofa Mauve Studio, the weight stat was removed in favor of slots and stack sizes. Now, players can only carry a number of items depending on the available slots in their inventory.

Another major change in this update is the rework of the decay system. For those who don't know, Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions has base-building as a main mechanic. This means that players can put up various structures to aid them in the long run.

That said, five minutes after a structure is built, the building will start to decay. While players can repair it manually using their magical apparatus, a new item called the Repair Flag was made to automate this process. This thing repairs structures in a large area for 5,000 durability, so it's best to start making them from the Workbench asap.

Patch Notes


  • Reduced size of the OVERSIZED great shields.
  • Removed the swing particle effect that made the game look/feel wonky.
  • Removed fire sound from magical apparatus that didn't make sense.
  • Removed buildable signs due to causing players to crash when built or when other players build them. (Can still label chests.)
  • Removed goblin traders from players to be crafted due to them causing issues with trading and not functioning as intended.
  • Removed ability for summons to be set on passive or aggressive due to all players being in the same faction. If you want a summon to attack use the F key for attack.
  • Removed scanner from the game due to not working with new graphics.
  • Removed perception profession due to not having the scanner anymore.
  • Removed lingering hunger thirst code for full removal.
  • Removed lingering weight code for full removal.
  • Removed settings from servers that are no longer used.
  • Removed the floating island due to it taking up valuable server processing power when most of the current map is already barren.
  • Removed portals inside veggie level to return player to their faction instead now returns players to center city.
  • Removed some single and multiplayer co-op settings that were causing issues.


  • Tweaked game start to have less objects to load.
  • Tweaked items that gave weight increase to give other stat bonuses.
  • Tweaked current quests to account for reworked mechanics.
  • Tweaked roads to only make you go 25% faster instead of 50% faster due to mounts.
  • Tweaked Goblin traders found on map to sell goods for soul orbs.
  • Tweaked players to dismount if they begin to swim.
  • Tweaked player crosshair to hide while mounted.
  • Tweaked player to dismount on recall.
  • Tweaked old faction portals to be one town portal.

So, what can you say about the removal of the weight stat from Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions?

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