The King Of Fighters ALLSTARS Roster Welcomes Whip And Krizalid

New Alice in Wonderland theme is here.
New fighters have arrived.
New fighters have arrived. Netmarble

King of Fighters ALLSTARS is introducing two new characters to its roster. An Alice in Wonderland theme, where some of the characters get some nice new costumes, has also been introduced.

So who are these two characters? They're both from The King of Fighters '99. The first is Krizalid, who served as the main antagonist of KOF '99 and was a clone of K'. He can be accessed through the Festa Gacha. He was already available back on January 14, but hurry as he is only around until January 27. The second character is Whip, also from KOF '99, who in the story is a sister of K'. She can be collected between January 14 and February 3 by taking part in the Roulette Event.

Aside from the two new characters, there's also the Alice in Wonderland theme. With this, players get the chance to have some characters in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. These characters are Athena, Iori, Vanessa, and Yuri. There are two ways to get the new costumes. The first is to summon them using Tokens and Rubies. The second is to complete some of the special event stages.

It's not just new costumers as there are also other theme-related events. The first is the Wonderland Access Event where players can get both Costumed Fighters and Battle Cards through Rubies, AP, Plus Capsules, and Summoning Tokens. This event runs for seven days.

Then there's the Super Mission Event, where players can get the Alice in Wonderland-themed Iori and Souls costumes. This event includes Gacha tickets that can be used for Costumed Fighters along with Battle Cards and Souls. All of these can be earned through missions.

The third is the Score Dungeon Event. In this one, players can get in-game money, along with material that can be used for fighter growth. Players can also get Gacha Tokens for Alice in Wonderland Costumed Fighters in this event.

In King of Fighters ALLSTAR, players fight against waves of enemies and giant bosses. They can even go against rival fighter teams. There are more than 130 fighters to collect coming from KOF '94 all the way to KOF XIV. King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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