King Of Fighters ALLSTARS Adds Orochi To The Roster

A strong fighter arrives.
A strong fighter arrives. Netmarble

King of Fighters ALLSTARS is celebrating the new year in a big way as it introduces one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. The new character is none other than Orochi from King of Fighters 97. That’s right, players can now collect and add this fighter to their roster.

For King of Fighters players and fans, Orochi was the main antagonist, as well as the final boss, of King of Fighters 97. In the lore, Orochi was sealed away 1,800 years ago when he tried to wipe out humanity. However, Orochi’s loyal servants have been working since then to free him and Orochi finally managed to break loose of the seal holding him back.

Aside from introducing Orochi, Netmarble is also giving players a special token for 10 gacha rolls that allows for as much as 100 free summons. This offer expires today, so hurry up. Tokens can be used as well to get seven new fighters from the New Year Allstar Fighters Gacha for free. These fighters include:

  • New Year-themed
    • Mai Shiranui
    • Vice
    • Geese Howard
  • Swimwear-themed
    • Kula Angel
    • K’
    • Mai Shiranui

That’s not all. The New Year update also introduces these new additions to the game:

  • Cake-Defense Event
    • Players get to earn a large number of affinity-increasing items with this event.
  • Time Attack Event
    • Allstar Fighter souls can be acquired through the Time Attack event.
  • Andy's Super Mission Event
    • Beginning January 7, players can complete daily missions to acquire and grow a New Year Andy fighter.
    • Once the final mission is complete, players can then get 2020 Rubies .

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a fast-paced action game where players need to battle across waves of enemies, giant bosses, and even rival fighter teams. With more than 130 fighters to collect and upgrade, the excitement is upped even further with the lightning-fast animations, bold colors, and cutting-edge graphics. King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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