King Of Fighters' Mai Shiranui And Kula Diamond Join Dead Or Alive 6

King of Fighters join Dead or Alive 6.
King of Fighters join Dead or Alive 6. Team Ninjas

Dead or Alive 6 officially released its fifth DLC. The first four DLC packs were limited to costumes, with the first set titled Happy Wedding Costumes and the second being Pirates of the 7 Seas Costumes.

This new DLC is titled "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Mashup" and brings with it two characters and 10 new costumes.

The first character is the kunoichi Mai Shiranui. Known to fans as "The Alluring Ninja," Mai is the successor to the Shiranui style ninjutsu. Using large fans as weapons, this nimble fighter can generate flames and shows no mercy to opponents who are mesmerized with her flashy attire.

Joining Mai is Kula Diamond, also known as "The Ice Doll." Kula is a modified human created by the NESTS organization. Her creation has resulted in complications that include a rather odd addiction to candy and looking younger than she actually is. Kula makes use of quick strikes and unexpected transitions to special attacks with the use of cancels. As indicated by her name, she can use ice in her attacks, and because of her ability to freeze water particles in mid-air instantly, can take advantage of frozen enemies.

The new characters are available as part of the game's Season Pass 1. However, each is available for purchase individually at $7.99. Separate costume packs are available as well at $2.99 per fighter. In addition, a special character and costume bundle is being offered for a discounted price of $15.99, which includes the two new characters and five costumers each.

Mai and Kula come with Ver. 1.06 of Dead or Alive 6. Alongside these two new characters, the update also includes:

  • Added new "Versus" rematch rules to LOBBY MATCHES.
  • Expanded text chat availability.
  • Adjusted text chat window and font size in LOBBY MATCHES.
  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Corrected various bugs and issues.

The last update for Dead or Alive 6 was released in the middle of May and the biggest change was the addition of a new feature to the Lobby Matches. In particular, the feature allows multiple simultaneous matches to be held in one room. This update also gave players the choice to set custom names to Lobby Match rooms. A text chat option was added as well to the lobby screen in Lobby Matches.

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