The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Adds Two New Fighters in Latest Update

KOF ALLSTARS Two new heros
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A new update is now live in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR and it introduces to new fighters to the game. Players can also look forward to some expanded content along with new in-game events.

That said, the first new fighter is 2003 Athena, who's a Green Element and Attack-type fighter. Her skill can increase the ATK of Green element fighters and see can use Barrier projectiles to gather enemies together which then allows for AoE skills to smash those opponents.

The second is XI Benimaru, a Purple element and Attack-type fighter. His skill allows him to increase the ATK of Purple element fighter. He can use a strong series of projectiles to hit multiple enemies.

New & Expanded Content

The new update also expands some of the modes in the game. For example, the Plugin Plant has been increased to tier 6. Expanded as well is the Tower of Illusion with Floors 41–60 added.

That said, there are also some new content to enjoy. One of these is Rush Dungeon [Become No. 1] which let players clear rush stages at different difficulties and in return earn event coins that can then be used in the exchange shop. Then there's the new Challenge Dungeon called as Psycho & Thunder Power that has been updated to make sure that teams are pushed the limit.

In-Game Events

As mentioned, there are new in-game events that players can join and earn rewards. These are:

  • Puzzle event Psycho Remix☆Puzzle! (ends February 20)
    • Players can use puzzle fragments earned from clearing Rush Dungeons or Bingo events to complete the puzzle and get rewards like Re-entry EX Fighter Summon Coins and more.
  • Psycho Remix ☆Bingo (ends February 20)
    • Players can use tickets earned through clearing in-game missions to play Bingo and obtain various growth rewards like Element Soul Mystery Boxes.
    • If players get a Bingo enough times, an Athena Badge Fragment is awarded.
  • Check-in Event (ends February 16)
    • Checking into the game during the event period offers various valuable rewards including AP, Dispatch Speed Up Tickets and more.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR offers fast-paced fighting action where players get battle through waves of enemies, giant bosses, and rival fighter teams. It's available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

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