King of Fighters ALLSTAR Introduces Lady Goenitz and Chizuru Kagura

The King of FIghters ALLSTAR New Update
Are you ready for the new fighters? Netmarble

A new update has been released for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR which adds two new playable fighters. In addition to these fighters, there are also new battle cards, in-game events, and rewards.

One of the newly added fighters is Lady Goenitz (Yellow Element/Balance type) who is all about synergy with other Yellow Element fighters. That's because her leader skill not only increases ATK but also the critical hit rate of Yellow Element fighters.

The second new fighter is XV Chizuru Kagura (Red Element/Balance Type). Her leader skill increases the ATK of Red Element fighters as well as the Three Sacred Treasure Fighters. Meanwhile, her unique skill can increase the ATK rate of her teammates for a certain period after landing an active skill to those in the Starlight state. It also lowers the cooldown of all active skills upon landing every other active skill.

New Battles Cards

New battle cards that enhance the new fighters are introduced as well. For Lady Goenitz, her battle card increases critical hit rate for a certain period after using a skill. The battle card for Chizuru Kagura, on the other hand, increases the critical DMG rate of all teammates for a certain period after using a skill.

In-Game Events

  • Aegis Challenge, new growth content
    • Players can strengthen their stats through the Aegis system which can be strategically used in Aegis Challenge Dungeon: Mecha Goenitz.
    • Once players enter the Aegis Challenge Dungeon and use fighters whose stats are strengthened, they can acquire various rewards in proportion to the DMG hit.
  • Rush Dungeon: Unbreakable Chains
    • Stories and various event stages are playable, featuring Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura.
    • Players who complete Rush stages in various levels can obtain event coins.
    • These can be redeemed for various items including event set cards.
  • Collection Effect System
    • Players can earn additional rewards depending on items they've collected in the Collection room.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR offers fast-paced fighting action where players fight against waves of enemies, giant bosses, and rival fighter teams. Adding to the excitement are cutting edge graphics, bold colors, and lightning-fast animations. The game features all classic fighters in KOF from '94 to XV.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available on Google Play and App Store.

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