King Arthur: Legends Rise Coming Soon to PC and Mobile

A new adventure awaits!
A new adventure awaits! Kabam

If you're looking for a new squad-based RPG, keep a close watch on King Arthur: Legends Rise. This upcoming title from Kabam offers an immersive story with expansive exploration set in a reimagined Arthurian world. Go on an adventure through Camelot and beyond through an ever-growing roster of knights, mages, and rogues. Experience visually stunning combat against epic bosses and mythical monsters.

King Arthur: Legends Rise features visually stunning 3D characters, animations, effects and environments, all made possible by Unreal Engine 5. The game is coming to PC and mobile with crossplay and cross-progression support. For those of you asking, no release date has been announced.

Game Features

  • An Epic King Arthur Quest
    • Players get to experience a dark and mysterious campaign which immerses them in the perilous adventures of a young King Arthur.
  • Collectible Arthurian Legends
    • Players can build an ever-expanding roster of knights, mages, rogues and powerful iconic characters of Arthurian Legend.
  • Mythical Weapons to Defeat Powerful Monsters
    • Players can select the best relics for their heroes and hone them into the perfect weapon to defeat monsters and madmen in strategic combat.
  • Rebuilding the Kingdom of Camelot
    • Players are tasked with rebuilding the battle-torn realm to its former glory as the ultimate fortress for their heroes.
  • Crossplay between Mobile and PC
    • Players can switch seamlessly between their computer and phone to never miss an epic battle or reward.

In a statement, Kabam Chief Executive Officer SeungWon Lee shared that the studio has a rich history and a proven track record in releasing fun games on mobile. Titles from Kabam include Shop Titans, Disney Mirrorverse, and Marvel Contest of Champions. Lee revealed that allowing players to experience cross-platform progression and play has long been what they want to offer. He went on to say that this upcoming title is the first that goes into this direction.

Meanwhile, Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said that they were happy that Kabam chose Unreal Engine 5 for this new game.

What do you think? Ready for your next big adventure? If you're interested, you can now wishlist the game on Steam.

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