King Arthur: Knight's Tale Quick Save and Quick Load Now Available in Hotfix v1.0.1

Hotfix v1.0.1
Hotfix v1.0.1 Twitter/@KnightsTaleGame

Hotfix v1.0.1 for the strategy game King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is now available. This update adds the new quick save and quick load options, other quality-of-life changes, and bug fixes.

Quick save and quick load are finally here! These features are great whenever you want to try out various strategies during combat. For example, you can do a quick save before initiating your attack. If the attack fails or misses, you can just use quick load so you can try again and hopefully, with a more favorable result.

Overwatch in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale lets you end a hero’s turn, consuming all their remaining AP (action points) in the process. Once it’s done, you’ll select an area and when the enemies go to that designated spot, your hero immediately executes a free attack.

That said, a change was made in Hotfix v1.0.1 where the Overwatch command can now be canceled in the same turn if you click on the button again. Doing this will refund all of the action points your hero spent.

In terms of bug fixes, the issue in the Wild Hunt mission where the quest giver could die before you learned about the quest has been resolved. The issue where some stats are not displaying properly after managing items in the inventory has been fixed as well.


  • Added an End Turn hotkey (Ctrl+Enter)
  • Now players can disable Film Grain in the Settings
  • Added an Audio Driver selection option in the Settings
  • Now players can deselect a selected skill by clicking once again on the selected skill (deselection still works with ESC as well)
  • Video subtitles are now enabled by default
  • Added a rebind option to Camera rotation
  • Fixed a few memory-related issues
  • Fixed the following challenges: Camper, Marksman, Pyromaniac, Carnage Master, Poison Master
  • Fixed the Strong trait
  • Fixed the Healthful trait
  • Fixed the Tradesman trait which did not display its effect when one placed Sir Bors into the Merchant
  • Fixed an issue that in certain encounters where enemy units expected reinforcements, the reinforcement group sometimes could not join the fight
  • Removed the difficulty level options from Roguelite as it was accidentally available in this mode
  • Fixed various Endgame missions which could not be finished even if you finished all objectives
  • The Accept button did not work when one tried to save their progress with a controller. This has been fixed

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Hotfix v1.0.1 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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