King Arthur: Knight's Tale Now Available

King Arthur: Knight's Tale
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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, a turn-based tactical RPG where you play as Sir Mordred in a quest to find and defeat the evil King Arthur, is now available on the latest-gen consoles and PC.

What’s interesting about King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is that every decision you make can lead to consequences which can alter the narrative.

The game also requires you to gather your knights and assemble a team of heroes. You can vary your team by selecting any of these six classes:

  • Defender
  • Champion
  • Marksman
  • Vanguard
  • Arcanist
  • Sage

As the new king of Camelot, it is your job to ensure that you set up your kingdom with the right facilities for your heroes. Furthermore, you can assign heroes on different quests.

Along with the game’s full release, an update is available that brings new content, improvements, and bug fixes. Some of the new features include four new acts in the campaign, several side-story missions with recruitable heroes, and 33 heroes awaiting your call into battle, among many others.


  • Added 20 Endgame missions as well as unique boss fights available after the conclusion of the story campaign
  • A completed, fully unlockable Morality chart
  • A completed, fully unlockable Adventure map with several POIs (Points of Interest)
  • Added a new CGI cinematic to the end of every Act
  • Complete challenges to acquire unique, powerful Essences which grant permanent effects to your Heroes
  • Numerous new Events, many of which grant Morality points, have been added
  • Hundreds of new common, uncommon, relic, and special items
  • Revised and rebalanced all missions, enemy units, and skills of Act 1
  • Revised and rebalanced all the traits of the Heroes of Act 1
  • Added an English subtitle to the cinematic intro
  • New Consumables (Tomes) with special effects (like "Resets a chosen Hero's skill points" etc.) have been added
  • Added a field of view to the map and the minimap as well which points toward the direction of the camera
  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Considerably improved the general performance across all maps
  • Fixed an issue where Loyalty points were not calculated properly
  • Fixed an issue in the Fire with Fire mission where an encounter didn't trigger if we approached the location from a certain position
  • Fixed the Basic Physical Training upgrade which provided only 1 HP instead of 2

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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