Kerbal Space Program 2 Invites You to Explore For Science!

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The newest major content update for Kerbal Space Program 2 is finally here. Get ready to start exploring "For Science!" and share those creations, accomplishments, and discoveries. To celebrate the release of this latest update, the game is being offered at 20% discount until January 4.

The For Science! update introduces a new campaign type known as Exploration Mode. It's going to add progression and Science collection through missions and experiments. What players need to do is collect and transmit science from the various unique locations. They then have to redeem it in the Research and Development Center over at in the Kerbal Space Center. In return they get to unlock new part technologies and learn novel concepts which should result in being able to travel further away from the home planet.

Indeed, as players work their way through the tech tree, they get to unlock the means to extend their reach across the Kerbolar System. The exponential progression meanwhile makes sure that the rewards obtained match their ambitions.

Collect Science

Now some of you may be thinking on how to collect Science. The quick answer is that this is done through the new Science collection parts. Simply integrate these parts to the vehicles and then carry out different experiments, depending on the mission, of course. By the way, players should keep a close watch on the new Kerbal animations when Science gathering during Extra-Vehicular Activity.

Overhauled Interface

Aside from the new content, the update also overhauled the game's Science collection and transmission interface. During flight for example, it's now easier to know whether there's a chance to take measurements or possibly collect samples. This is possible due to the new Experiment Actions button which give players detailed information on what opportunities are available in the current location.

Then there's the new Research Inventory which allows for clear information when it comes to much Science has been collected along with the ability to transmit Science data. Meanwhile, the Mission Tracker app ensures that players can keep track of the in-progress and completed objectives.

New flight planning tools have been added to the Vehicle Assembly Building. These include altitude and environment-specific readouts which show thrust-to-weight ratio, burn time, and Delta-V for each stage.

Of course, like with the typical updates, this one also introduced significant changes to the quality of life. Highlights include:

  • An enhanced joint system is now available which can reduce wobbliness of large vehicles.
  • Updated ambient sound systems.
  • An all-new Boat Dock that comes complete with cranes and gantries for use both in-and-out of missions.

Check out the complete patch notes for the update here. Kerbal Space Program 2 is available on Steam Early Access.

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