Join the Manhunt for a Missing Agent as the New Season of The Division 2 Begins

A new Manhunt begins. Ubisoft

Year 5 Season 3: Vanguard of The Division 2 is finally here. This season, players can enjoy the new story content which include a Manhunt for a missing Agent. There's also going to be two new Apparel Events and new gear. Of course, there's the usual gameplay improvements added.

The Vanguard Season Pass free track for the new season comes with:

  • new brand and gear set
  • exotic gloves
  • exotic pistol
  • named gear pieces and weapons
  • three arm patches

Meanwhile the premium track includes, among others:

  • nine weapon skins
  • 10 gear dyes
  • two emotes
  • two vanity outfits
  • one face mask

That's not all though since new cosmetic bundles are going to be added regularly to the store across the season.

A New Manhunt

For this season, Manhunts are going to be a little different compared to the previous ones. This time around players are asked to investigate four Places of Interest around New York City in search of a missing Agent. The story actually picks up after Reign of Fire, particularly after the attack of Black Tusk on the White House.

Agent Kelso has gone to New York City to see if the Haven settlement is still safe. However, she goes missing and through the Manhunts, players have to track her down and learn more about her motivations and true allegiances.

The new season also features two Apparel Events which are:

  • Veiled Tactics
    • Introduce ghillie suits to game among new military tactical attire for players.
  • Last Resort
    • First made available back in Year 2 Season 3, it returns and offer gear and outfits inspired by enemy factions of New York City.

Project Resolve

This new season also introduces to the game what's known as Project Resolve. It's a quality and stability update that's designed to improve the gameplay experience. The update includes, among others:

  • 2,000 bug fixes
  • numerous connectivity improvements that reduce latency, crashes, and disconnects
  • improved PvP balancing
  • a new Tinkering menu which combines and redesigns the Recalibration and Optimization stations
  • a complete balancing pass on all in-game weapons

Are you ready for the new season? The Division 2 is available PC via Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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