It's All About Destroying Stuff in Instruments of Destruction

Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. Radiangames

If you've always wanted to play a game where all you need to do is destroy things, then look no further than Instruments of Destruction. As the title implies, all you need to do is simply demolish each structure in the game one piece at a time. The game is now available on the PC through Steam and currently being offered at 15% off for a limited period.

What makes the game rather satisfying when it comes to the goal is that use of an advanced physics-based destruction system. This fully interactive physics system has players interact with every object in the world and destroy it in some way. Each element of the world is able to complement the destruction system while also interacting with each other. This combination allows for a physical and visceral world that players can enjoy.

Take on Missions

The game features more than 50 missions along with high-score challenges which make use of a wide range of vehicles. Each mission comes with its own unique vehicle that's been custom-made to maximize the fun. Vehicles include a tank having quad rocket launchers and even a flying bulldozer. There's even an ornithopter that comes with a grappling hook which can be used to tear down that building one piece at a time.

By the way, the game can be played on a keyboard or gamepad. It's also worth noting that some specific vehicles also support optional mouse aiming.

Vehicle Editor

The game offers a power vehicle editor and an epilogue campaign where players can learn more about the ins and outs of building their very own vehicle. The epilogue campaign in particular comes with at least 25 missions where players need to create a vehicle that can complete the given objectives. The missions are going to gradually introduce the players to vehicle building though anyone can always simply load any previously saved or unlocked vehicle especially if they just want to jump in on the action.

Sandbox Mode

The game also has a Sandbox mode where there are no objectives or limits. Players can just unlock any map and vehicle and then proceed with the destruction with no objection or pressure. In short, there's a lot of ways to enjoy the game.

Get Instruments of Destruction on Steam now.

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