Get the Chance to Grab Cool Items and Skin with Rust In-Game Store

Time to do some shopping.
Time to do some shopping. Facepunch Studios

It took a while but Rust finally has a permanent in-game store, which features premium cosmetics items and skins. In celebration, the game is releasing the Nomad skin. This is a hazmat reskin replacement that can be applied when crafting the hazmat suit or by putting the hazmat suit into a repair bench.

There are also new items like:

  • A beat-up, used, stained, and discarded sofa that has a floral pattern.
  • Sets of island coconut underwear made from coconuts (of course!), leaves, and grass. Comes in 2 variations.
  • Industrial lights to illuminate the base. Can be placed on floors, ceilings, or walls. Comes in Red, Green, and White variations.
  • A grey industrial factory door with a large window.

In a post, the development team revealed that they’ve learned that players really value the choice of different items and skins. So far, these kinds of content were released through packs. With new players joining the game, they are unlikely to get them.

By having an in-game store, the game can offer premium cosmetic items and skins to all players permanently. It also allows the team to experiment with things that they think players would like. The team shared that they usually have ideas for skins and items but haven’t always found a way to release them.

While it is indeed good news to have an in-game store, the team assured players that they’ll continue to release timed-availability skins and items and even DLC packs.

The team revealed as well that the items and skins sold at the in-game store can’t be resold on the Steam marketplace or traded on Steam. According to the team, this should help it differentiate from the other types of skins and items sold in the past and still sell.

The team ended by saying that they’ll be releasing more in the coming months and hope to get feedback from players on what works and what doesn’t.

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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