Rust September 2 Update Adds Smaller Moonpools and New Store Front

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Rust's latest update went live yesterday. The game received two new additions and tons of improvements. Several bugs were addressed and one small piece of content was removed. From now on, the underwater lab will have smaller moonpools. Fishing Village Equipment Shop now has a new storefront.

Players can now use dance gestures while swimming, don’t know why they added it but I ain’t complaining. Both submarine types will now have storage and thrown cassette recorders will start decaying after a while. The update also reduced the player’s crawling health by 75%.

The patch also removed the rising torpedo type. We have mentioned more important changes below.


  • If player is holding S when they catch a fish, block backward movement for 1s or until the S key is released
  • Added global.usersinrange admin convar
  • Fixed console not properly scrolling through all of its lines (used to show ~250 lines, should now show all 500)
  • New "combatlog_outgoing" convar to get a combatlog of only outgoing damage
  • Inventory item description now scales to better fit long descriptions
  • Reduced explosion forces on minicopter and scrap transport heli by ~95%. Stop getting knocked around so much by SAM sites
  • Now only showing sonar blips for other subs if those subs have their engine running
  • Submarines stop moving a lot faster when the driver dismounts - prevent runaway subs and drowning risk when dismounting by mistake
  • Submarines now need to surface once every ten minutes, can't hide underwater forever
  • Rear passenger in duo sub can now turn all the way around
  • Submarine driving now adds to the boating stat
  • Increased minimum allowed size of the underwater labs
  • Renamed crawlingminhealth to crawlingminimumhealth and crawlingmaxhealth to crawlingmaximumhealth
  • Added 21 new prefabs for map makers
  • Removed blue and red card lab spawns from underwater labs
  • Player crawling health reduced by 75%
  • Added chocolate bar world model
  • Bullets now deal slightly more damage to submarines

The complete patch notes are available on the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are you still playing Rust nowadays? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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