Isonzo Latest Update Makes the Player Taller

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Isonzo's latest patch went live a few hours ago. Update v357.40523 is around 1.4 GB in size and it brings some minor additions to the game. You can also expect a little more than a dozen bug fixes. The player is now slightly higher in the first-person mode, hence, giving the impression that the character is taller.

New first-person bashing and stabbing animations are added for pistols and bayonets respectively. Animations for the Fiat Revelli have been improved as well, and the game’s run slightly better on the Linux platform now.

New and Improved
  • Improved animations for the Fiat Revelli
  • New first person bashing animation variants for pistols
  • New first person stabbing animation variants for bayonets
  • Improved speed and animation timing for melee attacks in first person
  • Player is now slightly higher in first person
  • Split Player tags and World tags visibility settings
  • Improvements to mortar aiming visibility
  • Improved info panels for mortar and overview map
  • Linux performance improvements
  • Fixed players sometimes appearing like they are from the wrong team and therefore could be killed by teammates
  • Bots no longer use Static weapons if enemies are too far away
  • Headgear no longer clips through the gas mask
  • Fixed Villar Perosa sound or muzzle flash sometimes missing in third person
  • Fixed LMGs continuing to auto-fire while crawling
  • Fixed full-auto firing animations not always playing in sync with fire rate
  • Fixed animation snapping at the end of bayonet stab and revolver bash
  • Fix for field guns animation snapping when first deploying to one on a slope
  • Fixed fingers clipping through binoculars when looking through them
  • Fixed Werndl cocking bone not setting when interrupting reloads
  • Fixed bridge explosions replaying after switching graphics settings
  • Corrected size of some pistols and flareguns
  • Fixed Allow voice chat option not resetting to default
  • Fixed incorrect names for Gorizia and Sabotino Capzones
  • Sector outlines are now red when in cooldown

The complete changelog can be read via the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Isonzo recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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