Isonzo: October 27 Update Reverts Previous Changes Made to TAA

Update v356.40212
Update v356.40212 Twitter/@WW1GameSeries

BlackMill Games rolled out a new patch for the first-person shooter Isonzo. The 600 MB Update v356.40212 is only available on PC and it implements a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. There’s one particular thing of note here, and it has something to do with TAA.

TAA stands for temporal anti-aliasing, a form of anti-aliasing where it uses the information from previous and current frames to remove artifacts, producing a smoother image. While the intention of this technology is good on paper, it does have some downsides, such as blurring and ghosting.

In a previous update for Isonzo, the company has made adjustments to reduce ghosting and improve the overall look of the game. However, this resulted in the graphics looking too sharp than intended, so folks at BlackMill Games reverted the TAA adjustments made earlier this month back to their original values.

Aside from that, Update v356.40212 also gives players the option to disable team balancing for advanced custom matches.

Here are the other changes from this patch:

  • Improved tree shadow popping on some maps
  • Fixed several objects disappearing when a player is close
  • Fixed "Shaken, not stirred" achievement tracking
  • Bandaging in quick succession no longer stops bandaging animation from playing
  • Further improvements to going prone sound playing while not actually switching stances
  • Improvements to Bomber Squadron call-in sound
  • Fixed Enemy on the left and right voice lines being reversed
  • Fixed Follow Me voice line being triggered instead of an Attack one
  • Fixed wrong bayonet attachment for Vetterli-Vitali in the progression view
  • Fixed stuttering when going up or down some stair types
  • Improvements to the first-person Schwarzlose firing animation
  • Various weapon animation improvements
  • Medals that can no longer be earned are no longer counted in Profile Medal Progress
  • Joining Private matches from the friends list now also requires password input
  • Fixed not being able to join matches through Play now (GameSetupReady signal error)
  • Fixed Custom matches sometimes not starting when Create button is pressed
  • Player and objective tag fading can now be turned off in Settings
  • Fixed missing Offensive progression info in the After Action Report if the section was skipped
  • Added grace time to interrupting Rifle Grenade loading and unloading animations
  • Fixed resupplying Rifle Grenades sometimes resulting in losing grenades instead of gaining them
  • Fixed not being able to bolt while sprinting if Manual Bolting setting was on
  • Fixed sprinting sometimes being canceled because of bolting
  • Improved collision of HMGs (Players using them are now harder to hit)

Did you have any problems with TAA in Isonzo? If so, what do you think about the company’s move to revert TAA back to its original values?

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