Isonzo October 12 Update: Game Improvements and Bug Fixes

Isonzo Update v354.39874
Isonzo Update v354.39874 steam

Isonzo’s developers are continuing to roll out patches to fix issues and improve the overall state of the game. This time, the update is a 780-MB download, so you don’t have to worry about clearing up too much space.

Light Machine Gun Improvements

In this update, the developers made some changes to the Light Machine Guns handling and animations. The firing and aiming down sights with these weapons are no longer interrupted by the bipod automatic deploying or folding, making the weapon more consistent for players.

Bug Fixes

The developers fixed a plethora of issues in this update, including one where the characters start screaming randomly after they spawn. Additionally, they also fixed an issue where players were able to see through smoke using buildable highlights.

Isonzo Update v354.39874

  • Players can now melee with the shovel by using the Primary Fire keybinding instead of a dedicated melee key.
  • Customization screen now defaults to your currently equipped uniform when not hovering over any selection.
  • Grenade crate cooldown is now triggered immediately on spawn.
  • Decreased TAA ghosting and improved the overall look.
  • Significant improvement for "Connection lost" kicks (efforts to further reduce this are ongoing).
Audio and graphics
  • Prone Stance change sound should no longer play if the player hasn't actually gone prone.
  • Fixed straight ammo belt in the Schwarzlose building highlight.
  • Remove building highlight from already built grenade crates.
  • Fixed showing the first person weapon too late after quickly equipping rifle grenades when spawning.
  • Ardito 1917 uniform now uses the correct gas mask.
  • M13 and captured M95 now have correct attachments.
  • Fixed Film Memoir mode not being available despite owning Digital goods.
  • Fixed ghost squadmates and not being able to join squads in squad menu.
  • Players can no longer place engineer buildables around objectives in their spawn sector.
  • Fixed scoreboard score visual desync.
  • Friendly dynamite explosions no longer kill teammates.
  • Fixed overly long sector cooldown timers.
  • Fixed Offline mode matches becoming unplayable after some time playing.
  • Officer aura is now properly applied to the whole team instead of only squad.
  • Improved first person sight alignment for some weapons.
  • Improved first person sight alignment when changing stances.
Various UI
  • Removed spammy spotting text in chat.
  • Fixed Offensive progression showing the progress for maps as 0/3 on the loading screen.
  • Fixed mortar map not returning if HUD was toggled/held off.
  • Fixed officer call-in menu use being inverted if Invert Look was on.
  • Fixed players not being able to open the Context menu of a player they reported.
  • After Action Menu scoreboard now lists up to 24 players per side without need to scroll.

You can read more about the update here.

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