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Ionized Studios, developer of IronWolf VR, released a new update that works mainly on the destroyer gun room operator. You can now use it to target specific enemy subsystems. Also, the health of each subsystem will be displayed to monitor the damage received.

A known bug where players would be forced to re-engage the enemy in the open-world has been fixed. Similarly, UI issues where the destroyer minimap would zoom in/out has also been fixed by this update. More details on the streamer mode can be found in the patch notes below.

IronWolf VR Update

A new streamer camera useful in overriding what is shown on the desktop display window is introduced. When used, you may adjust the field of view and the camera's resolution. You may even move and place the device anywhere as long as in the scene.

If you want to go creative, place the camera on top of your head. This will imitate what is shown on the desktop window, except with extra control for FOV and resolution. But be cautious because the feature may negatively impact the performance of machines with minimum specs.

Here's a list of additional changes in this update:

  • Improved lighting effects in destroyer bridge and gun room.
  • Recast the destroyer's voice actor and added more lines relating to subsystems.
  • Improved accessibility of destroyer pitch control wheel.
  • Added experimental landmass to destroyer world.
  • Fixed zoom/in out bug with destroyer minimap.
  • Potential fix for a bug that could cause players to immediately re-engage the enemy in the open world.
  • Defaulted hand pose to pointing when operating some switches.
  • Increased brightness and readability of the hand display.
  • Fixed bug with hand display facing sensitivity.
  • Added animation to tutorial dismiss button to make it more apparent.
  • Eased restrictions on machine gun and 88mm gun during the tutorial.
  • Prevented battery drain from occurring in the tutorial.

You can read more about the update here.

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