Update v0.21.3 Improved Vehicle System and AI System steam

BeamNG, developer of, released a new minor update that focuses on improving vehicles and the AI system. The small issue on the temperature gauge is now resolved by this update. It also fixed the bed cover mesh from breaking too easily. Plus, players get the new roof baskets.

The AI system received yet another upgrade to pass oncoming traffic on narrow roads. For users who are trying to use the triple screen, a popup with the message "Experimental" will warn players before they switch into the display setting. Update v0.21.3


  • Bruckell LeGran* Fixed duplicate shifter meshes.
  • Fixed temperature gauge.
  • ETK 800* Fixed license plate clipping.
  • Gavril D-Series* Added adjustable Woodcrate and Woodplanks loads.
  • Improved bed structure: better collision and more stable with heavy objects.
  • Increased Desert Truck suspension link strength.
  • Decreased Desert Truck IFS maximum steering axle (fixed wheel clipping into lower arm).
  • Fixed Desert Truck fuel cell breaking easily on frontal impacts.
  • Fixed dually fender flare signals.
  • Fixed bed cover mesh breaking too easily.
  • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting.
  • Gavril H-Series* Added adjustable Woodcrate and Woodplanks loads.
  • Added roof basket.
  • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting.
  • Gavril Roamer* Fixed offroad rear bumper position.
  • Fixed off-road rear sway bar inverting.
  • Hirochi SBR* Updated configuration descriptions.
  • Ibishu Covet* Fixed collision triangle breakGroup leak.
  • Vivace/Tograc:* fix ECS and TCS lights blinking instead of staying on when using disabling electronics mode.
  • Common* Fixed positions of Hirochi TurboFan and Ibishu Dish hubcaps.


  • Improved the ability to pass oncoming traffic in narrow roads.


  • Fixed tire vibration at ~35 Kmh, that happened with certain vehicles, due to contact patch resonance effects.

Game Engine

  • Fixed bug in Lua Virtual Input that would cause it to not emit received events.


  • Fixed the Riverbed Race scenario for Rocky Start campaign, in which there was a missing coupler.


  • Updated translations for Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal).
  • Added ‘Experimental’ warning message to the triple screen option.

You can read more about the update here.

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