The Iron Oath: Option to Disable Screen Shake Effects and Support for Ultrawide Monitors Have Been Added in Patch 0.5.144

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The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactical RPG where you forge and manage your own band of heroes as you survive the unexpected perils in the land of Caelum.

Recently, the developers of The Iron Oath launched Patch 0.5.144. This update adds new quality-of-life features and improvements. One notable feature added is the option that allows you to disable screen shake effects. While some people are ok with screen shakes, you might not like it. So, having the ability to disable it is a good thing.

In addition, those using ultrawide monitors will be happy to know that the game now supports them. This means that all of the graphical elements in this turn-based tactical RPG should fit nicely on such displays.

Other new features have been added in Patch 0.5.144 as well. For instance, you can now change your company’s name in the history section of the management menu. On top of that, the turn order is now more prominent during the deployment phase.


  • You can now see the blue "pips" that represent ability charges while camping, and also in the level up screen
  • The Pyrolancer's Fuelled by Fire passive ability now has a status icon to indicate how much of a buff they are receiving
  • Changed the goal for the Eradicate Voidspawn quest so it triggers a mission complete after beating the boss, instead of needing to clear every battle in the dungeon
  • Completing a quest objective now adds 240 days to its expiration time, giving you plenty of time to return to your employer
  • The bottom edge of some combat areas is now treated as a wall, allowing you to push targets into it and trigger bonus damage
  • Added a new Cloth resource, exported by the city of Athirton
  • Adjusted the durability and cost of most gear in preparation for the upcoming repair mechanic
  • Enemies can no longer use melee attacks while out of range of their target
  • Lightning attacks will no longer critically strike wet targets (they only receive +50% damage)
  • The Dreadknight's Pull of the Void ability now has a tooltip describing its effects (adjacent targets are Rooted)
  • When zooming in on characters at the edge of the map, the camera will no longer glitch out trying to center them
  • The Pyromania buff now expires properly
  • Skeleton bone piles can no longer be feared

The Iron Oath Patch 0.5.144 is available on PC.

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