iPhone 7 Rumors: 256 GB Max Storage & Dual-Lens Camera On iPhone 7 Plus

IPhone 7 rendering Apple

The debut of Apple’s iPhone 7 is only weeks away, and tech insiders continue to speculate about the specs of Cupertino’s updated device. iPhone 7 rumors and new reports suggest the smartphone will come in a new 256 GB storage option and the dual-lens camera will be a feature of the 5.5 inch Plus model.

DigiTimes reports NAND flash storage prices are currently surging due to third-quarter smartphone manufacturing -- a significant portion of which can be attributed to Apple’s new devices. At the moment, demand for 256 GB flash memory is outstripping supply. Apple Insider also claims Apple has ordered more powerful A11 chips for the 2017 iPhone, which could feature an all-glass case. A top-end iPhone with greater storage capacity makes sense, given earlier reports that the iPhone’s base model would see an increase in storage space up to 32 GB.

In a separate report, TechCrunch claims the rumored dual-camera iPhone 7 Pro was never intended as a new, third model in the product line, but an alternative version of the iPhone 7 Plus: “what we thought was the iPhone 7 Plus, with the same single-lens camera enclosure on the current-generation iPhones, is actually a fall-back in case the dual-lens technology didn’t work out.” It would seem that the long-rumored dual-camera setup will be a reality.

It’s entirely possible Apple’s newest smartphone won’t be called the iPhone 7 at all, but the iPhone 6SE instead. In any case, Apple will officially reveal the new iPhone -- and all its specs -- on Sept. 7, and the device will presumably hit stores Sept. 16.

Will you be upgrading to the latest iPhone come September? Debating between the iPhone and the Galaxy Note 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.  

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