iOS 10 Adds 72 New Emojis But Takes Away Gun: Apple Users Complain New Designs Look Too Much Like Android

Head Massage emoji. Apple

Apple has dropped its latest iOS 10 ahead of the anticipated release of the iPhone 7. While the new Apple OS introduces many new features, which I'm sure are all very interesting, they hardly hold a candle to the 72 new emojis.

The new emoji includes a selection of walking dudes, basketball players, detectives, joggers, cyclists, surfers, swimmers, weightlifters, police officers, dancing twins, the LBGT flag and more. Our favorite? It's a toss-up between the head massage emoji and the guard wearing a bearskin hat emoji.

Head Massage emoji. Photo: Apple
Guard emoji Photo: Apple
iOS 10 adds 72 new emojis. Photo: Apple

Despite the many generous assortment of new emojis, Apple did take away a couple as well, namely the rifle emoji. What's more, the revolver emoji from iOS9 has been replaced with a squirt gun emoji for iOS 10.

iOS 10 replaces the revolver with the water gun. Photo: Apple

The decision was first made ahead of the Rio Olympics, when Apple opted to nix the rifle emoji that was a part of a set of Olympic-themed emojis for the summer games. Apple's intention was to bring attention to gun control amid increasing reports of gun violence in society. Of course, users that enjoy adding a snide "shots fired" emoji to complement their insults may feel disappointed with the change. 

However, the complaints don't end with the new squirt gun – users aren't happy with the iOS 10 emojis as a whole because the update reportedly makes their iPhone look like an Android. In fact, many users shared their gripes on Twitter, even claiming to downgrade their iPhones back to iOS 9 because the emojis are so terrible. Really? Wow, that's a first world problem.

Do you like the new iOS 10 upgrade? Are you upset about the emoji redesigns? Let us know in the comment section. Check out the angry tweets below:

And our favorite:

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