Insurgency Sandstorm Update 1.9.2 Brings HD Texture Pack, Gameplay Changes, and More

Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update.
Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update. New World Interactive

Insurgency Sandstorm just received the massive update 1.9.2. The patch went live yesterday and it brought the HD Texture Pack to the game. Several visuals and gameplay improvements have been made and several dozen bugs were fixed.

You can download the HD Texture Pack here, and it’s completely free and easy to install. The pack will be installed automatically once you download it. You can uninstall it by visiting “Manage my DLC” and un-clicking the texture pack. This optional DLC will improve the textures of every character, weapon, and weapon skin. Some other items like the fire extinguisher, toilet, and fridge also have better textures now.

We have mentioned the rest of the important changes below.

Visual Improvements

  • Restored the bespoke muzzle flashes from pre-1.6
  • Implemented a new system to hide certain headgear when the gas mask is equipped

Gameplay Improvements

  • Keybinds are now available for voice commands
  • Reduced flashlight blinding effects in 1P and 3P
  • Balanced the flashlight brightness between all weapons
  • Added particles to flashlight beams in 3P
  • The color of character materials have been adjusted to subtly increase the overall character visibility
  • Aiming down sights while using the QTS-11’s launcher will now use iron sights or attached optics
  • Players who are vote-kicked can no longer rejoin the same server via matchmaking

Modding Improvements

  • tokens now automatically renew after expiration
  • Reduced allocation of disk drive space for a mod's folder after unpacking
  • After unpacking a mod's folder, unnecessary files automatically removed
  • The loading screen will now show the server name upon joining a community server
  • Added a new feature for community servers to add a "Message of the Day" to the loading screen, instructions on how to set this up can be found in the Server Admin Guide

UI Improvements

  • Added a new option in the settings menu to allow players to select different badges to display on the scoreboard (Note: this is only available if you have other badges to select)
  • Removed the Competitive loadout option from the customization menu
  • Limited the displayed length of usernames to 48 characters (sorry Shrek)

You can read the complete patch notes on the official site. The developer has also revealed the list of known issues in the game, so check it out if you are interested.

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