Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.8 Hotfix 2 Brings Bug Fixes, List Of Known Issues Updated

Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update.
Insurgency Sandstorm gets its first major update. New World Interactive

Insurgency: Sandstorm's latest update went live yesterday. Hotfix #2 is solely focused on bug fixes. Some of these issues were caused by the massive Update 1.8 released a few weeks ago. Developer New World Interactive also updated their list of Known Issues to show what they are focusing on in the future. It also means we can expect more patches soon. You can read the complete patch notes below. They are mentioned on the official site as well.

If you haven’t played Insurgency: Sandstorm yet, then we highly recommend that you do so. You can purchase the game for only $30 on Steam.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.8 - Hotfix 2 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an entitlements crash caused by Unreal Engine that could happen on launch
  • Fixed a clipping issue during focus aiming when using the AUG A3 with the 1.5x A1 Scope and 3x A3 Scope weapon upgrades
  • Fixed an issue when using an AUG A3 with the Loading Grip attachment, Player’s fingers would get bent back when performing a normal and dry reloads
  • Fixed an issue where bots would get stuck at a corner in Tell Outpost
  • Fixed an issue where the Tell Push Insurgents Objective C could be captured or blocked from unintended areas
  • Fixed an issue on Tell Domination where players could access unintended areas of the map
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to melee with your Primary weapon out
  • Fixed an issue where the bolt of a Primary weapon with an Underbarrel upgrade was not animating when firing

Known Issues:

  • The crosshair is not visible on the 2x Kobra when using the Picture-in-picture in Scope Setting
  • Equipment color option selected under Appearance section is only applying to vest area and not the rest of the Light or Heavy Carrier
  • Community hosted servers will show a player as level 0
  • Mosin and M24 have a floating rear sight in third person
  • Mosin Stripper Clip weapon upgrade does not push in properly when reloading
  • MP5 has a slight clipping of mag during dry reload
  • VHS-2 and AK-74 magazines disappear for a moment during a dry reload
  • Pressing G to toggle a Bipod weapon upgrade while standing does not show the deployment of the bipod in third person
  • In Frontline mode, if you capture an objective then team swap, you will see not a floating objective until respawn
  • Shotguns and machine guns will have a left elbow clipping into itself and the body during the third person Hardcore sprinting animation
  • Remote explosive or mines will have a left elbow clipping into itself and the body during the third person Hardcore sprinting animation
  • When playing as a Commander and having a friendly Observer nearby, the Observer’s class icon will gray out even though you are in range of them
  • AUG A3’s loading animations will have broken fingers in first person
  • AI vehicle can get stuck in the Tutorial Range
  • When you first load the game, there’s a chance your character may be shown without a vest; going to customize and selecting the faction will load all the correct cosmetics
  • Chemical gas is missing the appropriate texture causing large grey polygons to appear however, please try verifying the integrity of the local files to resolve the issue.
  • There is a broken texture on the Aiming Grip affecting the M16A2, M24, M870, Mosin, SKS, TOZ, AKS74U, G36, FAL, MP7, and MK14
  • When an Aiming Grip is equipped on some weapons, the left thumb will block the iron sights while aiming down sights
  • The color option is only being applied to the vest and not to the light or heavy carrier
  • The background of the main menu flickers
  • Tell Insurgent Checkpoint E resupply crate spawns inside a dumpster
  • Bots will sometimes not refresh their appearance to match their class
  • Loading Grip increases pump speed of TOZ-194 shotgun
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